Dealing with Temptation 12/31/17  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

What Time is Christmas? 12/24/17  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

What Will You Find at Christmas? 12/17/17  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

What is the Big Deal with Christmas? 12/10/17  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Why Do People Suffer? 12/3/17  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

How Can I Forgive and Forget? 11-19-17  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Thou Shalt Not Covet Std #10 11/12/17  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Thou Shalt Not Lie, Std #9 11/5/17 STREAM  DOWNLOAD 

Be Honest  Std #8 - Exodus 20:15  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

  Protect Your Marriage #7 - Exodus 20:14  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

  Choose Life Std #6 - Exodus 20:13  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Christ is Life - Rev. Matthew Hardy  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Get His Name Right - Exodus 20:7  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

A Glimpse Into The Heart Of God - Luke 15:1-10  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

The Two Foundations of Life - Matthew 7:24-27  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Welcome Back Guest Mike Owen - Colossians 3:1-4  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Celebrating The Lord’s Supper” - Luke 22:7-20 STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Is Baptism Important” - Fred Hewett - Matt 3:13-17  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“I Pledge Allegiance” Fred Hewett Acts 1:1-11  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Lord Teach Us To Pray Part 5” Fred Hewett Matt 6:9-13  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Lord Teach Us To Pray Part 3” Fred Hewett Matt 6:9-13  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Lord Teach Us To Pray Part 2” Fred Hewett Luke 6:9-13  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“The Basics of Discipleship” Fred Hewett 2 Timothy 2:2  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Lord Teach Us To Pray” Fred Hewett Luke 11:1-13  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Marks of Maturity” Fred Hewett James 1:2-4  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

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